About Me

A brief history of Alex Evans and osteopathy.

I have moved to Chamonix, France to be closer to my family after our son has been born. Nick Wittenberg has taken over from me as the Osteopath at Whistler Integrative Wellness Centre. Below is his bio:

Nick is an Australian trained osteopathic practitioner, having graduated from Victoria University’s 5 year full-time Bachellor/Masters course in 2011. Having been exposed to manual therapy from an early age at his father’s Myotherapy clinic, and having struggled with chronic postural tension based pain throughout his young sporting life, it seemed natural that he would develop an interest in the human body.

Nick has worked and locumed in eight different clinics around Australia, dealing with a wide variety of patient bases. He is particularly interested in treating acute/sports related injuries, chronic tension patterns and postural dysfunction. He is delighted to be practicing in Whistler, surrounded by a community of like-minded and active people.

As an osteopathic practitioner, Nick takes a holistic approach to patient health care, knowing that the site of pain and symptomatology is often just a compass for the root cause of dysfunction. To this day he is still awed by new examples of the profound interconnectedness of the human body.

Nick has been passionately rock climbing around the globe for nearly a decade. It was his quest to find the best place to live as a climber and practice as an osteopath that led him to settle in Squamish BC, his new outdoor playground. Nick is a specialist in treating/managing rock climbing specific injuries and has many years experience treating climbers of all abilities. He is also a keen skiier and is excited to start exploring the vast backcountry terrain BC has to offer.

In 2015 Nick completed his level 2 MovNat trainer certification (since expired) due to his interest in functional movement patterns and movement therapy. He continues to use the principles learnt during the course to help guide functional rehabilitation of his patients.

Nick is a registered member of Osteopathy BC, the professional body for osteopathic practitioners in British Columbia. Membership is only granted to practitioners of the highest standards of education. Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be able to claim insurance benifits for seeing an Osteopathy BC registered practitioner.

If you are unsure of what Osteopathy is or what to expect from a treatment with Nick, please call the Whistler Integrative Wellness Centre on 604 962 8828. One of the receptionists will be happy to explain everything to you.